Rant about addiction

 What do I believe about addiction? I believe it's some kind of dis-balance that is part of our fallen human makeup. I believe our mind becomes addicted and dependent on things it's not really dependent on. Everybody is addicted to something. If the path of a breatharian is possible, which I also believe to be true, then eating is an addiction, a habit that is so ingrained in us, it would seem insane for the rational mind to even contemplate being without food. I believe the etheric body comes first and the physical body is modelled on that, the etheric body doesn't need physical food to survive, it needs etherical food, it needs energy, food gives the physical body energy because it has etheric energy, the physical part of the food doesn't give us anything but physical sensations. Energy is not physical, it's not matter, it's etheric, immaterial.  Back to addiction. I believe it's an escape mechanism to hide away from the vastness of the actual now moment.

Where are we going?

 This post is written as a thought-experiment, meant to provoke further thinking and inquiry into the matters presented. It's not claiming to be in possession of any truth bigger than what is readily available for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. How does our world look from the point of view of somebody who has not received the societal and cultural conditioning, that plays such a fundamental role in the way we ourselves perceive the world around us? Entertain the thought for a second, that you are viewing the world as if for the first time. Removed are your prejudices and judgments you've learned to accept as part of yourself. Gone are the stereotypical associations you make automatically and quite unconsciously on a daily basis. Your very identity, so dependent on the environment that created it, gone, lost in the sea of noise our society is endlessly generating. Then what's left? Who is left? Who are you, human being, when removed from the context of the prevai

Tarot Journal Entry

Sometimes I use Tarot cards as writing prompts. Pick a few cards at random and let the mind run free. Here's one such journal entry I would like to share. The deck from which I pulled the cards is the 'Dreams of Gaia' deck, which has different Major Arcana cards than traditional decks.  The cards I pulled were 'Integrity', 'Choice' and '6 of Fire'. Here's what i wrote: "Starting with Integrity - as should everything we do - which is a card, that has an energy, when fully embodied and integrated, is the answer to all our questions, for when we act from a place of integrity, we are in fact being true to our selves, in effect our True Self. When one acts as one thinks and feels, one has integrity. When one keeps his promises and does all that he can do to succeed, one has integrity. If one carries ones self like this throughout ones life, one is the solution to the worlds problems. The diseased and mentally ill state of our world can trace the

Awareness of the Now

 I remember lying in bed as a kid, looking up at the ceiling, seeing the texture of the ceiling morph and change (akin to a hallucinogenic experience) and thinking nothing of it, that it was supposed to be like that. Every hallucinogenic experience I've had as an adult has been accompanied by a feeling of familiarity. A feeling that this is 'home'. My first memories I can remember are indeed very "trippy" memories, and having now children of my own, I see the look in my 1-year-old's eyes when we go out and look at the snowfall. He makes the same face I'm sure I made when I was having my first psychedelic experience.  On one occasion during an LSD-trip I experienced what's known as ego-death; I experienced myself being one with the entire universe and knowing everything that there was to be known. During this 2-3 minute (in my perception eternal) moment the only thing I could vocalize to my girlfriend at the time was "remind me of this tomorrow.. r


 There is a blog that I'm reading that I find to be absolutely brilliant and I would like to recommend it to anyone interested in a viewpoint on the whole corona-scam with a lot of depth and a lot of thought-provoking ideas. In regards to the plandemic, I don't wish to add my voice to the already chaotic scene. The people who have eyes to see and ears to hear are perfectly capable of seeing through the show without any additional guidance at this point. The ones who still need some convincing of the unreality of it all will in time, I'm sure, also begin to see things in a new light, as the situation evolves.  In my understanding everyone will have a chance to "look truth in the eye" and then make their choice. Nobody will at the end of all of this be able to say "but I didn't know".

Philosophical Rambling on the System and the Mind

People, in my experience, grossly underestimate the degree to which their perception is influenced by what is known as the 'mainstream narrative'. At an early age we believe everything what our parents tell us and soon we are told to without question also believe what the teachers in school are preaching. At no point (again, in my experience) are we told to "think for yourself" or "question the source of the information". The 'mainstream narrative' comes in many shapes and forms and defends and perpetuates itself in even more ways.  I can see some similarities between "the system" (aka. the 'mainstream narrative) and our ego. For one, "the system" is in a way an algorithm, a meme, an egregore that self-perpetuates in the minds of the people it infects. It's the way of thinking that will ensure the continued survival of the system. It's the thoughts and arguments that automatically arise as a pop-up wall in your mind wh


This blog is a place for me to share my point of view for anyone interested in one more perspective of what's going on. I believe that language can only bring us that far, however it's the most reliable tool in my possession at this time which allows me to convey to others what it is I perceive.  In my opinion the saying "truth is stranger than fiction" holds a lot of weight, and truth. If you would combine all the alternate realities from all the movies and books known to man at this point in time, and throw them in a blender, you would still not arrive anywhere near the multidimensional complexity of our current reality.  With our limited ego-mind we're perceiving such a little part of the totality of what's going on, and I guess we should be grateful for that, so as to not bend our minds into oblivion at the sight of what the F is actually going on.  Finding truth is an internal thing, however your reality is a reflection of what you are so in accordance wi